Improve your company's performance and build an inclusive company culture with practical solutions and strategies for corporate DEI challenges


Navigating our increasingly global and multicultural workspace requires companies to be intentional and strategic with DEI. It involves more than a corporate mandate that managers and executives must embrace DEI. It is more than meeting a quota. 

The Equity Equation offers a strategic approach to solving corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges. Each project is customized based on qualitative and quantitative data analysis to support our recommended initiatives. Our team will work with you to deliver policy-informed, transformational approaches to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace culture.


We help you take decisive action that leads to transformative and sustainable DEI results.

The effectiveness of your team rests on its ability to work together and for team members to feel included. Companies that make DEI a priority in all corporate strategies achieve sustainable change, and a transformed company culture that leads to high performance.


We are a dedicated DEI consulting firm. We have worked with a wide range of corporations and industries in developing strategic DEI initiatives and community engagement programs. 

You get the support and skillset to develop change in your company culture, from improving your governance structure to workflow process. 

Our approach to DEI is built on centering equity within workplaces and guiding diversity and inclusion initiatives. By giving a voice to the voiceless in your organization, you improve feelings of inclusion, leading to a high-performance culture. Working with your executives, we build out a strategic framework from the foundation up. 

Let’s discuss why The Equity Equation is the right DEI consultant for you.


The Equity Equation 12 Point DEI Framework

This offering provides a systemic framework focusing on 12 key pillars that serve as a foundation and infrastructure for building and sustaining a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy.


This workshop will guide teams on what partnership, accountability, and empathy look and feel like from each other, to help leaders challenge their mindsets, grow courageously, and build culturally competent leadership teams, as we explore how to drive an anti-racist agenda.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™

Without psychological safety, teams fail and innovation is stifled.
Psychological safety is a sense of belonging to a team with the opportunity to interact with its members and contribute to its purpose without fear of being punished or feeling rejected. The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ helps teams create an environment with a high tolerance for candor that promotes engagement and innovation.

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